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Arable Farming & Forestry
Flowers & Ornamental Plants
Tropical Products
Vegetables & Fruits
Green & Glasshouses

Animal Feed Production
Dairy & Beef Cattle, Sheep & Goat Production
Poultry Farming
Pig Farming
Fisheries: Aquaculture & Fish Processing


Accountancy & Financial Management Consultancy
HRM Consultancy
Marketing Consultancy
IT Business Consultancy
Business Support Organisations (Chambers/Associations/Federations)
Management Consultancy

Pharmaceutical, Herbal & Cosmetic Products
Paints, Ink & Lacquer
Chemical Technology & Fine Materials
Plastic & Rubber Industries
Inorganic Materials, Industry Glass & Ceramics

Primary education
Secondary education

Waste & Environment

Pension fund
Lease company

Fruit & Vegetable Processing
Beverages Production
Bread, Pastry & Confectionary
Meat Processing
Milk Processing & Products

Healthcare facilities
Pharmaceutical industry
Medical Equipment

Software and services
Technology hardware and equipment

Corporate law
IP & IT solutions
Employment law
Mergers & Acquisitions
Regulatory law

Warehousing - Storage & Packaging
Land transportation
Courier and Express services
Port Terminals - ICDs and CFS operations
Air Cargo
EXIM Logistics

Hospitality: Education
Hospitality: Hotels, Restaurants & Catering
Hospitality: Tourism & Recreational Services

Recent Projects

Agri- & Horticulture
Business Consultancy
Business Consultancy
Agri- & Horticulture
Agri- & Horticulture

Recent News

Persbericht Rebuild Suriname

Persbericht van Rebuild Suriname met quotes van Minister Rishma Kuldipsingh en Ambassadeur Rajendre Khargi. Rebuild Suriname wil kennis terugbrengen naar Suriname en zo het land laten groeien. Rebuild Suriname verbindt experts in Nederland met projecten in Suriname met behulp van een slimme tool. [...]
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Aanbeveling door de Surinaamse Ambassadeur Rajendre Khargi

…. Een belangrijk en betrouwbaar initiatief is “Rebuild Suriname”; een platform waar experts gematched worden met de vraag vanuit het bedrijfsleven of andere organisaties in Suriname. …. Endorsement Rebuild Suriname door de ambassadeurDownload [...]
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Registratie is open voor (Junior) Experts

Expert-info-Rebuild-SurinameDownload [...]
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Suriname en Nederlandse ondernemers starten een samenwerking om economische vooruitgang te versnellen.

De Surinaamse Minister Rishma Kuldipsingh van Economische Zaken, Ondernemerschap en Technologische Innovatie heeft op 21 juni 2022 op de Floriade EXPO (Almere) verschillende samenwerkingen bekrachtigd met Nederlandse ondernemingen. In de komende twee jaar wordt er in totaal €10 miljoen geïnveste [...]
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Official launch Rebuild Suriname

On June the 21st the official launch of Rebuild Suriname will take place at the Surinamese Pavilion at the Floriade 2022 in The Netherlands! [...]
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